Urban Sprawl

I love our yard. We have a number of fruit trees, enough room for gardens, room for the children to play, trees for rope swings, etc. But . . . .this area is booming with growth. The lot next to us was sold to a developer who plans to build 6 houses along our property line. I am sick. Not just any houses, but two-story houses with 6 feet in between each house. This means no more garden (houses will block direct sun), loss of privacy, etc. Sick, sick, sick. Here is said developer with 2 workers trespassing in the other neighbor's yard as they begin clearing the land. I may need to use this outlet to vent from time to time.

Linda B  – (6/23/2006 3:12 PM)  

Oh, I am so sorry about the developers. We are fortunate in that our backyard borders a college campus so is unlikely to be taken over in that way at least! Our primary fear is that at some point they may want to put a parking lot there--currently it is and open field/water runoff area.

kathy m  – (6/25/2006 11:24 AM)  

I hear ya. Where do you live in WA? My inlaws live in the Puyallup area and the development is OUT OF CONTROL there. I think it's really sad because I grew up near there when there was lots of open, undeveloped spaces.


Heidi  – (6/25/2006 5:57 PM)  

Sick is right. Where my in-laws live in the Detroit suburbs it is just gruesome. So much of the city rots away while these too-close-together and all-alike monstrosities eat up nature. Vent away!

RANDI  – (6/27/2006 6:24 AM)  

I can certainly sympathize with you! We live in an area that has lots of open space around us but I know that as time goes on, that space will become less and less. We knew that when we moved here but it is still sad when a house takes up part of our view!

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