Ten Pounds . . . . Lighter

I've been going to a gym with a friend and have finally lost 10 pounds (in 10 weeks). It's coming off slowly. It's hard work with a combination of weights, aerobics, treadmill, stationary bike, Pilates, and brisk walks and primarily trying to change my food to healthy food choices except for the occasional ice cream or chocolate splurge. I have not missed out on any desserts, but I'm not pigging out like I used to do, either. I'm one-third of the way to goal weight. It came off so much easier when I was younger.

Anyone else on the same mission? Let me know so I can cheer you on!

Dipsy  – (6/12/2006 10:51 PM)  

Yay for losing weight and getting fit! Congratulations, that's a great loss in such a short time! And, most of all, you didn't have to stop eating desserts and such, how cool is that? I have all my fingers crossed for you that your weight loss continues that way and you'll soon reach your desired goal!
By the way, I would have loved to have a look at the "white" photos in your newest entry, but blogger wouldn't let me :((( But I'll be back :)

RANDI  – (6/13/2006 6:34 AM)  

Congrats on your weight loss! 10 pounds in 10 weeks is great!

Mel  – (6/13/2006 9:46 PM)  

Good for you! I'm 24 pounds down since Easter.

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