Doin' it Right

Doin' it Right - This is what my 16-yr old son told me when we woke up February 14, Valentine's Day, the day after moving back home. We had boxes everywhere, we were lucky enough to find our own clothes, but the children and I pulled it all together to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I love traditions. The children love traditions. Sometimes, they are inconvenient, like this year. But they really bind the family together - bring back warm memories and teach us to slow down and appreciate each other.

What is our Valentine's tradition you may ask? Well, it's food item that is heart-shaped, pink or red for breakfast. This year we had heart-shaped biscuits with our pink-ish purple grape jam (from our grapes), sparkling cranberry apple cider and a delicious fruit salad. We did it right. It was worth it.

And yes, this post is late - lol.

Carol  – (3/04/2007 8:14 PM)  

Hey!! Great to catch up with you after alllll these years! Your kids are absolutely beautiful!


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