Ever have one of these on your roof?

Neither have we. Brown eyes (7-yr old) woke up this morning telling dh that he heard someone screaming this morning. We weren't sure what he was talking about. Minutes progressed and I heard something loud and screechy. At first, we thought it was the brakes from the garbage truck. Later, our neighbor phoned to notify us that a peacock was on our roof. We learned about peacocks today. I love sponatanous learning. Evidently, there are peacocks in the wetlands near our home.

yofed  – (3/27/2007 8:31 AM)  

Nice! And I thought I was lucky to receive the visit of a pheasant a few weeks ago!

BTW, you left a comment on my blog a LONG time ago (that's how I found your blog)... My son's birthmark was indeed a Strawberry Hemangioma, he was really lucky! He is turning 3 in April, and most of it has faded already... and the only real side effect he got was that his covered eye has poor vision, so he needs glasses... he is one lucky little guy! You can see his pictures at www.lpboy.blogspot.com

Hope your family is well!

Psalm1002  – (3/30/2007 3:25 PM)  

We've had one of those in the neighborhood....only we could hear it over a mile away! We walked the neighborhood, following the "screaming" and finally found it. Very cool! Those are wonderful pictures! :)

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