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We moved back home on Monday. Cleaned the apartment on Tuesday. The girls decided they wanted the downstairs computer room to be their room, so a lot of changes are going on. In order for them to have that room, we needed to finish it - new vinyl window, finish the closet, etc. Before putting things in the new computer room, I looked at the wall, and the paneling (goes half-way up the wall) with the lovely Sharpie artwork from who knows which toddler, and decided we needed to rip off the horse/meadow wallpaper border and repaint the room. That's what I've been doing.

I painted the living room not too long ago and it went well (Ralph Lauren paint). This time, I used the best quality paint from the local hardware store down the block (Pittsburg Paint). I will not do that again. I have had to paint two coats on the wall and paneling. Not so fun. Oh, can anyone please tell me why it is when you hold those paint chips up, it looks different than when it's on the wall? Yet, when you put the paint chip right on top of the newly painted wall, it seems to match identically. The colors are not what I had in my mind. They looked great on the paint chips, but it's just a computer room, so I'm not repainting it.

Oh, and if you need to take off wallpaper, I highly recommend the wallpaper removal sprays you can get at any hardware store. That was the best $5 I've spent in a long time. My 9-yr old saw me remove one strip and then took over the job for me in not only the new computer room, but his room and the bathroom as well. He did it all in less than an hour. I love this kid. Do you get the picture that more rooms need to be painted (no, dh doesn't paint)? I think it's time to start passing the baton to the older kids.

We decided to use laminate flooring for all of the downstairs area instead of part carpeting and laminate. This means we have to special order some more. In the meantime, I will fix the ceilings that hadn't been mudded properly and also paint them. I have 2 wks to get it done before the flooring comes in. I'm excited to get these jobs finished once and for all.

shizzknits  – (2/19/2007 7:04 PM)  

Yay!!! I'll bet it's great to be back in your home. Sounds like it's the right time to get those projects done, too. Congrats!

Smoov  – (2/20/2007 8:44 AM)  

I hope you take pictures of the decor and share with us! Yay for you, back in your house again :)

Jodi  – (2/25/2007 7:42 AM)  

Yay!! Glad to hear you have moved back home! Can't wait to see some finished projects!

Roberta  – (3/02/2007 8:41 AM)  

Glad you are back home.
I bought a heat gun to strip the woodwork but the thought of all that work overwhelms me...maybe I'll get the 10 y.o. interested! :)

The picture of PJ is beautiful! I hear you about the 10 lb baby boy filled up every part of me, my hips still hurt a bit.

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