On a Painting Roll

Lots of stuff getting done on the house. Dh got half of the floor laid downstairs. It looks great. I finished mudding the sheetrock in the ceiling that had been unfinished for 6 years (@@). I figured if I could frost a cake, then I could surely match the existing pattern which kind of looks like icing on a cake. The downstairs hallway has had missing sheetrock since we moved in 6 years ago. Dh finally put up one piece and will hopefully put up the other piece so I can mud that, too. I'll take pictures. It is a very messy job.

This house is OLD SCHOOL. It had paneling in the upstairs hallway, kitchen, and dining room. It was a good-quality paneling, but I am tired of that, so this week, I primed the walls. Priming stinks - the fumes are so bad, it makes your eyes water, a nasty feeling in your throat, etc, even with windows open. I just have to cut-in around the doors and floorboards and then I will be done. Hopefully, that will happen on Friday.
Hallway and living room at far end

In this picture, you can see the hallway which is newly primed. Down the hallway, you can barely see the living room with the new vinyl windows dh installed. I had painted the living room just prior to the flood. It is a gold color - I really like it. The hallway will be painted a very light gold from the same color swatch. Can you believe I lightened this photo? Our house is so dark!

Dining room paneling
monkey climbing gate

The above 2 pictures are in the dining room area. Dh made that gate. The other side where PJ is standing is the stairs. - 13 straight down with no landing. He's not supposed to be there. Also, if you notice, dh should have made the slots vertical instead of horizontal. I think he forgot that we don't have babies, but monkeys who climb everything. It's a pretty gate, but not very functional when it comes to keeping babies where they belong. Oh well.

I brought my knitting to Pearly's fiddle lesson. I turned on the radio, reclined the seat of the car, and took a catnap. So much for knitting.

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