Homeschool Day at the Amusement Park

Wow - it's a bit crazy around here. I've been working on projects for the house lately. I took a sheet of scrapbook paper in a shade that I liked to Lowe's and asked the sales clerk if she could match the color for me to paint in our living room. She told me that she had just put a gallon of paint in the "mis-tint" clearance section that was pretty close to the color. It took me only seconds to decide: $5 for a gallon or $28.95 a gallon? I took the paint to the register and the cashier gave me a receipt for $5 off a gallon of paint. I painted my living room for FREE. It's a gold color and gives it a nice updated look.

A week ago, the kids went to "Homeschool Day" at the local amusement park. We had a really nice time and I was able to get a picture of all seven children (which is getting more and more difficult these days).

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Pretty Lady  – (9/18/2006 2:54 PM)  

Beautiful blog, I will visit again.

shizzknits  – (9/18/2006 8:03 PM)  

waaah, I can't see the pic?!

On the next post I can see the doily but not the petunias.

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