Four Years Old

Bunny is growing up. We celebrated his 4th birthday recently. (Another friend was celebrating her birthday with us, too, so that's why the extra candle is in there.)

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One of his gifts was this old wooden animal/farm family set. There are all kinds of cows, pigs, horses, trees, chickens, lambs, even a farmer and his family. I have no idea how old this it, but it is definitely old school and soooo much better than the typical plastic toys we find today. The whole set was . . . . . two bucks. Gotta love a deal like that! We are definitely going to keep this set around for future grandchildren. They just don't make stuff like this anymore, do they?

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Pretty Lady  – (9/21/2006 8:14 AM)  

I loved SO MUCH the wooden animal set! I wonder where can I get it and only 2 bucks. WOW!

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