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I put aside the withholding-adjectives vest I was working on. I made a mistake on the back. And I'm pretty sure there is an error on the pattern on the front. I need to check and see how it works with the other sizes to be sure. But, nonetheless, it is being set aside until I have a clear head.
Here's another infant sweater I'm restarting. I'm making the one on the right. I will never buy this yarn again - it's kind of a fun look, but it's a pain because you cannot see the defined stitches. I had tried making this sweater a few years ago, but dropped a stitch. Because it's nearly impossible to catch the stitch, it had to be frogged. So it is being attempted again, but I will knit a little more slowly so as to not drop stitches. This is the perfect summer sweater for chilly nights. I was just looking at the buttonband on the pattern picture - I have no clue how to pick up stitches to knit the button band when you can't even identify stitches. hmm.

Jodi  – (5/30/2006 8:47 AM)  

Is that the "bumpy" yarn? If so, I don't like knitting with it either! Cute sweater tho!

Linda B  – (6/01/2006 5:44 AM)  

I love baby sweaters because they're so quick! Can't wait for grandchildren! And I agree about that yarn. It feels so soft and nice but it's not at all fun to knit with!

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