Misty River

Pearl and I went to see Misty River in concert in WA state at a cute old theatre. I have to say that it was probably one of the best concerts I have attended. It felt like we were in their living room having a jam session. Many people are able to sing and play music, but few are able to pass along their enthusiasm and excitement to the audience like they do. Misty River is comprised of 4 multi-talented ladies. All of the ladies sing. One lady plays accordian and another switches back and forth from guitar to fiddle. The remaining two are mother and daughter. The mother plays banjo and guitar and her daughter plays an upright acoustic bass. The music varies from folk, bluegrass, to Celtic and they blend beautifully when singing a capella tunes. It was a great time for Pearl and I together and especially for Pearl as she was able to meet Chris, the fiddler.

Check them out: Misty River

Rachel  – (5/25/2006 8:54 AM)  

Thanks for dropping by and for your sweet comment on my post-I hope to catch up on some of your blog when time permits-I am homeschooling mom as well. :o)

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