Dh has spoiled me rotten. About 18 years ago, I bought a serger. I settled for my 2nd choice (Elna) because of logistic reasons (and free childcare by grandma close to the Elna store). The Elna has been put to good use, but is tempermental. I’'ve been tired of the skipping stitches, changing needle plates, etc. My #1 choice was a Bernina. I saw an old Bernina serger on eBay and talked to dh about it and he gave me the green light to bid on it. The bidding war got pretty intense at the end, but my bid won. WOOHOO!!! Can you say HAPPY CAMPER!! Here'’s my new baby. She was skipping stitches, but after a needle change, everything seems to be running smoothly. This is one well-built machine. I paid a little over $200 for it and my local Bernina store said they sell this used for $399 (can you imagine for a machine that is 15 years old?!).

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