New Fashion Statement?

New Fashion Statement?

Returning from my morning walk, I stumbled upon my daughters dressed like THIS!!! WHAT IS THIS????? One was sweeping the floor, the other was washing off the counter. They acted as if everything was just hunky-dory. Perhaps they were both wearing jeans and then changed their minds and forgot to remove the skirts. Or maybe they were so excited about their latest sewing accomplishment that they decided to wear the new skirts over jeans. Maybe they are wearing 2 bottoms in case either the skirt or jeans get dirty.

This morning's dialogue:

Mom: "Do you realize you are wearing jeans under your skirt?"

18-yr old: "Yeah, isn't it cool?" face beaming with excitement.

Mom: "No, it's not cool, it's ugly", trying to keep a straight face.

18-yr old: "But Mom, everybody at college is wearing skirts with pants underneath like this."

Mom wanted to say, "Yeah, everyone but you," but refrained.

Now she says she and her sister are going to wear these outfits to the co-op tomorrow. I need to don sunglasses, hat, and somehow disguise my very tall body.

Is this really the new fashion statement? Puh-lease!!!

Anonymous –   – (4/27/2005 4:41 PM)  

I don't know these girls. Do I know these girls? Can't see their faces so they must not be mine. DH

Anonymous –   – (4/29/2005 5:46 AM)  

Funny! I homeschool two girls too so I know what fun it can be! :P

I like the pattern the picked and the fabric. It looks great...without the jeans!

Have a lovely weekend!


Mel  – (4/29/2005 8:09 AM)  

Actually, I remember wearing pants and a skirt at the same time when I was young . . . and I've seen this "look" in the media lately. Isn't it horrible? (Anything that reminds me of being in 4th grade is horrible!)

Anonymous –   – (4/30/2005 4:48 AM)  

Julieanne, actually it IS a style right now.... Or it was last year. Thinking Kelly Clarkson made it popular 2 years ago, when she was on American Idol. I've always thought it looked silly. I guess mostly because it reminds me of the "walking to school days in the winter". When it was cold out, I had to wear pants under my skirts, always felt like a geek. BTW: The skirts are pretty... maybe people won't notice the jeans? LOL
Michelle aka s0ngbird1962

Anonymous –   – (4/30/2005 5:22 AM)  

I have enjoyed perusing your blog. I am a fellow knitter and homeschooler of three girls. I just had to laugh at this story. And, as a note of encouragement: with all the immodest fashions out there you can be relieved that they like this one.

Maureen  – (4/30/2005 5:11 PM)  

The girls did a nice job on the skirts. I have to say I chuckled when I saw them with pants underneath. Then.....low and behold... I went to Micheal's yesterday. There was a 18ish year old girl with a skirt over pants. Boy...are we out of the fashion

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