Completed Booga Bag

Here's the felted Booga Bag I made for my mom. She loved it and was very intrigued by the felting process. It was a great first felt project and the Galway felted in 1-1/2 washings.

The lady I am giving knitting lessons to is off to a good start on her Booga bag. I was able to show her this completed one and she seemed to like it. She's already done the bottom, learned how to do the Magic Loop and just changed yarn colors as she is heading up the sides. This is the perfect project for new knitters!

By the way, her husband was able to spend some time at home on the weekend. He still has a ways to go, but the improvement was obvious to me the 2 times I saw him. Please continue to pray for Larry.

shizzknits  – (5/16/2005 9:46 AM)  

The Booga bag looks pretty good...I like the colors a lot. BTW I taught my friend to knit and her first real project was also a BB. It's a great beginner project.

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