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Last night Tall Dude had his spring concert in which I accompany on the piano. He did such a nice job - he sang in 3 different choirs, a handful of different languages, all memorized, and one piece choreographed. So cool.

Here are a couple shots before the concert. I love how my son towers over me. I'm nearly 6'4", so to have someone stand next to me at this height is an awesome feeling.

A couple hours before the concert, I began working on this top. I had made another top from the same pattern and the fabric was already cut out, so it was pretty easy. I've been lacking something neutral to wear and this light gray knit fit the bill. It was perfect for accompanying. I am really enjoying my new coverstitch machine. (If you click on the above picture, the coverstitch is the double-line stitching you see around the hemlines at sleeve and top.)

Tina  – (4/08/2009 10:40 AM)  

Cute pictures with the two of you together!

shizzknits  – (4/08/2009 3:55 PM)  

Yes, that's a lovely photo of the two of you. It's amazing how much taller he is! Wow!

We are going to try starting Little Man on piano very soon....maybe one day he'll be as musical as your brood!

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