Spring Blossoms

Last year, our plum tree had beautiful blossoms like this:

But for some reason the bees were not out like usual and our tree only produced two plums.

Over the weekend, we had gorgeous sunny weather and the plum tree was in full bloom. I decided to go out and see if the bees were out and brought my camera with me. These next shots make me smile.

Look at the bees doing their thing.

This is what we're hoping for this summer:

The plum picture was our biggest plum year - in 2005. We had so many plums, I was scouring cookbooks and the internet for plum recipes. We discovered that we adore plum crisp and plum pies. We also figured out that plums are easy to freeze for smoothies throughout the year. Although they do not provide a lot of flavor, they do provide sweetness and fiber, so they are a great addition.

Let's hope the bees got it right this year!

Kel  – (4/07/2009 10:21 AM)  

just got a french recipe from a neighbor called Clafourtie...lovely and VERY easy plum cake. What a frutiful reward!

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