That Crazy Time of Year

We have hit that time of year where our hours are consumed with baskeball and volleyball.

Here's Tall Dude playing basketball after missing about 10 days of basketball due to pneumonia. Can you say 2 points? He's so happy to be playing again. Oh, and at the doctor, they measured him at 6'8" - he's grown another inch - yikes!
And here's Pearly girl doing the thing she loves most: volleyball. They went in for the kill and she got the block. Yea!

And now I seem to fighting similar symptoms as Tall Dude. I've had a fever since Friday and a very deep cough. I'll get that checked out day.

It is not so easy to knit when your kids are playing sports. There are great intentions, but usually the knitting stays in the bag. Oh well, it can wait. My kids' games can't!
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kelly jo  – (2/03/2009 11:35 AM)  

So jealous of Pearly's height!! I am / was a volleyball player, but alas, my 5'6" frame left me as a setter (although my true love was middle hitter!). Good luck to them this season!

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