My Baby

My baby is THREE! How can that be? While we were at Tall Dude's basketball game, Caboose noticed the popcorn machine. We don't typically buy snacks at events. We bring snacks from home, but in order to stay within our budget, we teach our kids to not even ask for snacks at concession stands. Well, except for Caboose . . . on his birthday. He's always had a thing for popcorn. So while we were watching the game, he very politely asked me if he could have some popcorn. How could I resist?

Happy birthday, my sweet baby! You are such a joy to our family and can't imagine life without you!

That smile melts my heart!

Heidi  – (2/05/2009 7:49 AM)  

I wonder how tall he'll be. Happy birthday, little guy!

trisha –   – (2/05/2009 11:42 AM)  

What a cutie! Time is going by quickly.

I would LOVE to see a post about how you teach your kids to not ask for stuff while out.

Shelly  – (2/05/2009 4:41 PM)  

He is too cute!! Happy Birthday to your little man!

Jodi  – (2/06/2009 9:47 AM)  

3 years already?!?!?! I remember when you were pregnant with him while I was more active on SBA!

He is such a cutie!!

Dawn  – (2/07/2009 5:46 PM)  

Where did the time go? He was just born YESTERDAY! right?

Tina  – (2/08/2009 6:46 AM)  

He IS cute. You might have a little trouble resisting many other requests from this sweet little guy!

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