Good to the last spoonful

I think we're on our fifth batch of homemade ice cream now. Today, I made chocolate, but added 1 tablespoon of espresso powder. It made the chocolate seem a bit more rich and like darker chocolate. Yum. I scoop it out of the frozen ice cream maker bowl and into a Tupperware container to free the bowl up for another batch. You just have to see how the boys help me clean out the ice cream maker bowl.

What a scene!

It's getting very serious now. Jonathan ditched his pacifier.

What'cha looking at? Is there a problem?

Hey, that's my side.

Yes, that 2-yr old really is sitting on the dining table.

Sigh of contentment with the evidence left on the cheek and shirt.

Anonymous –   – (4/01/2008 12:39 AM)  

Poor little Jonny. Sitting on the table was the best way for him to get to the good stuff. It gave him the leverage and the clearance to have the best position since he physically is the smallest. So CUTE!!!! Kiss those cheeks for me!

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