Wicked Good

When I had my ACL surgery a couple months ago, a friend gave me these from Trader Joe's:

I was not sure they would match up to my all-time favorite: cocoa covered almonds from Trader Joe's (roasted almonds dipped in milk chocolate and then dipped in unsweetened cocoa powder).

But, being a gracious recipient, I did the right thing by opening the container and sampled a few. I wasn't immediately convinced, but then I noticed one more was needed to make sure they were as good as the previous one. I was and am completely hooked on these things. I do not want them in my house anymore because I lose all sense of self-control. Something about the turbinado sugar on the outside and the little bit of sea salt combined with the dark chocolate and roasted almond - oh my - it is a wicked good taste. Be forewarned.

Carol  – (2/01/2008 3:28 PM)  

Those would do me IN! I love dark chocolate AND almonds! I can only hope someone brings me some after my eyes surgery next week!


Smoov  – (2/04/2008 11:59 AM)  

Oh how I love these.....

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