Two Years Ago Today

Midwife checking fetal heart tones.

Trying to get comfortable in birthing tub

Midwife helping me focus during contractions

Baby born! My first water birth.

We weighed the baby several times because we couldn't believe he was over 13 pounds!

Two doting sisters

Midwife snuggling her biggest baby

Bunny could not keep his hands off his new baby brother. His face was bruised because he was born posterior. He was quite swollen for a couple weeks.

This was really sweet. These are our kids plus 2 extra visitors who had never seen a baby's cord cut. Our midwife was wonderful and explained the whole process.

Bunny was very concerned that baby would get hurt while she cut the cord. So sweet!

Our first family picture with seven children.

We love you, Jonathan. You have stolen our hearts and we are so sorry about those calloused cheeks. You are too irresistible.

If you read this far, I have written a birth a detailed birth story with pictures. Send me an e-mail at homejewel @ gmail dot com and I'll send you the link. For privacy purposes, I do not want to post it publicly.

Kristine  – (2/04/2008 5:54 AM)  

:*) Happy birthday, PJ!

heather  – (2/05/2008 6:45 PM)  

Don't worry, you will still hold the record on baby weight! You deserve to have that record forever! :)

Anonymous –   – (2/06/2008 9:28 PM)  

I can not believe you had a thirteen pound baby. I'm sorry....I won't believe it...okay....I'll believe it but only because you have pictures. I would love to read your birth story, one of my friends had a water birth and she really liked it....also I may need to borrow your kids for next years christmas card...just to shake my family up a little.

Linda B  – (2/10/2008 9:44 PM)  

I loved reading your birth story. I would have liked to try a water birth too, but after my 5th child the midwife said I would need a doctor and hospital from then on. My last home birth was my second son weighing 10lb 14oz and I thought that was big! He also was posterior. You have a beautiful family. And I love that you all are even taller than us!

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