Snow Day

I'm almost embarrassed to post this. The local schools in our area were canceled due to snow. It may have snowed one inch or a tiny bit more, but that's all that is needed to cancel school around here. I'm sure many people in other states familiar with the white stuff are scratching their heads. We used to live in Maine where there was real snow. In Maine, as soon as snow was predicted, the crews would be ready to plow away the snow immediately. In our neck of the woods, we aren't nearly as prepared, don't have the amount of equipment, etc. Not only that, the people here do not know how to drive in snow, so in that sense, canceling school is understandable. Nonetheless, today was snow day in our neighborhoods and lots of kids were outside finding hills to go down. The two oldest kids were sick in bed, so I told the four remaining children to go have fun outside. This doesn't come very often, and they took full advantage of it.

Anonymous –   – (1/29/2008 8:21 AM)  

Hey,I didn't know it didn't snow there often. As a matter of fact, when visiting last year, I thought your weather (and vegetation) was ALOT like ours. So, guess I just assumed you had snow too...

Looks like the kids had fun. But you're right, school would never be canceled because of an inch, needs to be at least a foot...

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