Two Weeks Later

It's been 2 weeks since my ACL reconstruction surgery. Life is challenging at the moment. My mobility and range of motion is "miraculous" according to my physical therapist. I've gone 4 times and each time as she measured my bent knee and straight leg to see the range of motion, she has been amazed and said I should be a poster child for having physical therapy before surgery. I'm so thankful for that! Unfortunately, the mobility and good range of motion does not take away the never-ending pain. Yes, it does take a while for bones to feel better when they've been drilled and "screwed". Thank goodness for pain meds.

The schooling has been minimal. Everything is down to basics now. The kids have taken the initiative to get the Christmas decorations out. They love traditions and that is one load off my mind.

In the meantime, I've had time to work on this moose stocking for Brown Eyes. He has wanted this since I made Bunny his snowman stocking last year. This is a pretty quick knit with Size 8 needles. Once again, I love Annie's Woolen's kits and love, love, the Barlettyarns that give these the traditional rustic look.

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