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Sorry - no pictures, my battery charger is dead and a new one is in the mail. We've been inundated with rain these past few days. It's been kind of scary considering the flood we dealt with last year. People at the coast will be without power for a few days. I was listening to the news, and at that time, there was no cell phone coverage, no land line phone service, no power, no gas stations open, no grocery stores open, and no way to drive out of the area due to thousands of downed trees blocking the roads (hurricane-force winds = 100+ mph). Talk about isolation!

Vernonia, the town with stranded people mentioned here Stranded People in Vernonia
is within an hour of us.

Don't you wish there was a way to pipe this excess water to SE parts of the States who are suffering drout conditions? Crazy weather!

We are also saddened about this little bit of history that is no more: Largest Sitka Spruce Topples and
Pre-Storm Pics. We just visited the site a few months ago and saw its majestic beauty.

Anonymous –   – (12/07/2007 9:15 PM)  

this whole week has been so unbelievable we are with in forty minutes of both centralia and vernonia...i'm thanking our lucky stars we live on a hill!

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