Wanted to get raspberries

but the variety available was far too perishable for my time constraints, so we picked Obsidian blackberries instead - 27 pounds of Obsidian blackberries. We've never had Obsidian blackberries before. I wondered if I had lost my head for a moment considering blackberries seem to be the prolific weed in everybody's back yard here. But these berries were different - they were huge, the berries stuck out so you didn't have to get your arms scratched by thorns. I told the kids they only had a one-bucket limit and we were out of there in no time. Made 20 pints of jam and some dessert sauce. Check out these twin berries that forgot to separate. Cool, eh?

Tammy  – (7/06/2007 8:11 PM)  

Oh yum, where did you get them from?

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