Raspberry Coffeecake and Exercise

Here is a picture of my 17-yr old's 3rd or 4th piece of raspberry coffeecake. Yes, he needs that much butter :) Have you seen his legs? He's one long drink of water with not one ounce of fat. Unfortunately, I "need" butter on my piece, too. I can't imagine eating certain foods without butter. What can I say - I'm a butter snob. And good thing I got a new gadget for my birthday last week (turned 43 woop-DE-DOO) and here is my new techno-toy:

This thing rocks. It had great reviews on Amazon. I've never had a pedometer before. This thing is so cool - it comes with graphing software. Connect it to the computer and the software will chart your steps, aerobic steps, distance, calories, fat grams burned. The program allows you to set goals for yourself and multiple users are able to use the same software. I LOVE it. It is very motivating. I want to keep walking in order to see more graphs. That can only mean good things, right? Omron® Pocket Pedometer HJ-720 ITC. I got mine at Costco.

Ames  – (8/07/2007 3:00 PM)  

Have you posted the recipe for this somewhere? It looks DELICIOUS, and DH absolutely loves raspberries. Thanks.

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