Let's Go Veggies!

Climbing Cukes
We're almost there - our favorite time when we get to pick fresh veggies from our garden. This little cucumber is almost 4 inches long. It's an English cuke, so it will probably grow another foot, but right now the plants are growing so fast, you can see the growth overnight. Amazing.
4-in. baby cuke

I'm "forcing" the cucumber plant to climb. So far so good. I have had to use twine to wrap around some branches to help it to stay, but eventually, they put out little tendrils that wrap around whatever they can grab and eventually can support themselves.

It's been so nice lately. After lots of hot, sunny weather, we got a couple rainy days with nice sunny breaks in the day. We don't mind rain every now and then - as long as it doesn't flood our basement. Here's Tall Dude pushing PJ.

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