Dh's cousins live overseas and asked that I make them some pillowcases. They will be traveling in their car around the US. Everybody has their own color: dad = yellow, mom = green, daughter = red, and 2 sons, blue and orange. It was fun trying to find the perfect fabric for each person. Hopefully we will be able to see them in January, but if not, our hearts are with them as they make their journey.

I absolutely LOVED the yellow fabric for the dad. He's a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor. Click on the picture to see how cute that fabric is.

Smoov  – (6/11/2007 5:13 PM)  

I love them all! I sooooo love the pillowcases you made for us too. I have one on the pillow I hug every night.

Jodi  – (6/18/2007 8:26 AM)  

Those are cool!! I just might have to try and make some! For some reason the ones for my youngest's bed have disappeared.

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