Sometimes motherhood is just not fun

Last week, dh and I were taking a nap when our 9-yr old woke us up saying that PJ was hurt. We have a child's gate at the bottom of our stairs. When PJ is sleeping, sometimes we use a bungee cord to keep it open (because it's a challenge to open). The door was closed and the bungee cord was just hanging and PJ crawled over to it. He's at the stage where everything goes in the mouth and he put the end of the bungee cord into his mouth . . . . and . . it . as in the hook, yes, the hook. . got. . . stuck, . . .very. . . stuck . . inside. . . .his. . . cheek (yes, like a hook caught in a fish). I'm shivering just thinking about it. When we got there, my 19-yr old had finally gotten it out, but it nearly went through his cheek. He would not let me look in his mouth. I pried his mouth open and could only see one place where it was punctured, but the following day, I found a gouge and the roof of his mouth was pretty raw, too. I watched him like a hawk for the next couple days to make sure there was no infection. You can see the bruise on his left cheek - the bruise is coming from the inside of his mouth. Poor baby. Bungee cord is no more. I am too old for this . . . really!

Stacey –   – (11/14/2006 10:47 PM)  

Oh, poor PJ and poor Mama!!! You may never forget, but luckily he won't remember, lol.

shizzknits  – (11/14/2006 11:46 PM)  

ooooo sounds awful! I'm flinching just thinking about it. :( So sorry for mommy and babe. He'll heal but I"m sure it'll take you longer to get over it. hugs to both of you.

Heidi  – (11/16/2006 10:46 AM)  


My brother did that with a coat hanger once.

Roberta  – (11/24/2006 11:41 PM)  

Oh...sweet sweet baby boy. That must have been awful. (for you both.)
My little guy is a climber as well...where has the time gone?

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