Big, Bad, Bummer

Somewhere there is a leak in our house - we think from the foundation. On Friday, we noticed that water had soaked about one-third of the carpet in the family room (where we primarily hang out) and underneath the 20+ foot wall of built in cabinets we had installed. This morning, J told me about a bad smell in our extra room. There's something - mildew/mold - that smells bad on the other side of the house where we store sleeping bags/suitcases. Thankfully, the floor is just concrete there.

All weekend we have soaked up the carpet with towels, put it in the washing machine's spin cycle, put back on the floor, etc.

Can I come to your house and knit instead? I'll be nice and quiet and you won't even notice me. Oh, I do have to bring my baby along, but he's a good baby. Everybody says so. I'll even make some of that pecan/chocolate chip pie I made the other day. Anyone?

Updated: We now think the problem is a broken pipe. After I posted the above, the storage room filled with gross-smelling sludge. Then water poured in through the corner crack where the concrete slab meets the wall. This is a big nasty mess - not one anyone would like, but especially with a 9-month old who only crawls.

Appraiser is coming out today or tomorrow and plumber should be here between 2-4 today. Five days of replacing wet towels on the floor every hour or so is getting very old.

I miss normal boy chaos. That was easy compared to this.

Brandie  – (11/27/2006 7:07 PM)  

Come on over!

Sorry about all the bad stuff happening :-( Ugh. I feel terrible for you. Hope you find the leak soon and can get it under control.

shizzknits  – (11/28/2006 6:36 PM)  

Blech, does NOT sound like fun at your house. :( You can come over here and knit if you wish. Babies are always welcome!

Roberta  – (11/28/2006 10:19 PM)  

Oh, so sorry you have to deal with all that. I can truly empathize. Just hours after moving into our new home the sewer line backed up into the basement. (Bucket and cushie-tooshie for a week!) It turned out our neighboring home was piped (and poorly so) into our line and we had to run a new line.
I hope your situation is remedied quickly.

Mel  – (11/29/2006 6:19 PM)  

What a serious bummer! I feel your pain!

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