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Talked to dh after the meeting with the insurance guy. I'm supposed to find temporary housing. I would say yippee, but it's not all that yippee considering it's Christmas, but it will be a different Christmas and I hope it is a very special one.

Smoov (Stacy) posted a comment about what the victims of Hurricane Katrina must have gone through. First there was a smaller area in the closet downstairs that flooded - maybe 4 x 6 area. My wedding dress was professionally packed and in that closet. When there was the first puddle, it barely missed the dress and then it dried up again for hours. Later, I checked the closet and water was gushing in like a stream and there was no way to shut it off and the thought occurred to me that this water could go through the entire house. It flooded the whole length of the closet - probably 4 x 15-ft area and this time, the wedding dress box got wet. Thankfully, the inner box was fine. I had no clue that there was going to be more flooding or I would have moved it in the first place. After that, I started moving important things to higher ground. But my mind did drift to the victims of Katrina and the utter helplessness they must have felt. I get to find temporary housing nearby. There was no temporary shelter nearby for them. I can't imagine what they went through. We are so blessed and frankly spoiled rotten. When I go whining again, please redirect me to this post. We have our health, seven beautiful children, food, insurance. Life is good!

Tiffany (aka  – (11/30/2006 7:53 PM)  

The quartes are tight, the distance not so close. Mi casa is su casa. Your welcome here. No rain, no snow, a wee bit of wind and a serious chill.

shizzknits  – (11/30/2006 8:17 PM)  

I don't think you were whining per se. What you're going thru isn't on the scale of Katrina, but it's no picnic in the park either. Moving your entire family into temporary housing right before Christmas doesn't sound like fun at all...I think you're entitled to some venting.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your housing situation will get better quickly.

Becca  – (11/30/2006 11:46 PM)  

Oh I'm so so sorry about all the trouble with your house. I know what you mean about perspective. Sometimes it takes a wake up call like this to realize just what we're blessed with.

Jodi  – (12/01/2006 5:45 AM)  

Wow! What a mess you have! Moving at Christmas, not fun. But what a wake up call for all of us to be thankful for what we do have!

I hope all gets taken care of quickly and not to costly for you!

Smoov  – (12/01/2006 5:54 AM)  

Oh Julie Anne, I didn't mean to minimize your disaster! I understand that you must be stressed out about this, I can only imagine because I was freaking out when our (finished) basement flooded. All I could think of was the things that might get ruined, all the money, etc.

You are entitled to whine!!!!!! Go right ahead.

As for your housing, I know that staying in a hotel is just got to be crazy expensive. Maybe you can check with real estate agencies and see about a vacation condo rental or something? Or check with people at your church and see if they can offer any ideas. I would totally let you guys stay with me if you lived here, how fun would that be? You could pay me in pies!

Tina  – (12/03/2006 5:55 AM)  

I can't believe what I'm reading! Where have I been? I read your whole page this morning, and realized that every bit of it was new to me. I feel so out of touch. I am so sorry about this mess for you! I don't believe I read one bit of the way. You actually have a very good attitude, under these circumstances. Hang in there....

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