Born 8:13 p.m. on Friday, February 3, 2006
13 pounds 3 ounces, 24 in. long (no typo!!!!)
Born at home in birthing tub after 2-hour fast and furious labor.

Michelle Powell (countrygirl7625) –   – (2/04/2006 9:34 PM)  

Congradulations Julieanne and family what a beautiful baby boy!!

Allie  – (2/04/2006 10:35 PM)  

What a whopping bonnie lad you had! I'm happy that he finally decided to make an appearance and hope it wasn't too painful. Congratulations on the home birth.

Tiffany (aka  – (2/05/2006 8:57 AM)  

He's beautiful!! Blessings.

Lisa  – (2/05/2006 10:12 AM)  

Congratulations!!! What an awesome little guy.

Denise –   – (2/05/2006 11:33 AM)  

He is so cute!!!! I just loved kissing his fat cheeks, and he smells so good. This little boy (or I should say fat boy) stole his aunties heart. I'm so glad you got your water birth, even though it was so hard on you. I love you Julie and I'm so blessed to have you as a sister.

shizzknits  – (2/05/2006 7:08 PM)  

Holy moly, 13lbs!!! He's beautiful!!! Love all the chubby bubbies!!!

Anonymous –   – (2/05/2006 7:56 PM)  

Hi there, you don't know me but I was referred here. I just have to say you have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy and I'm so incredibly happy to see stories of women birthing "big" babies at home. Way to go! :) You're awesome, mama. Congratulations.

Donna –   – (2/06/2006 5:59 AM)  

Congratulations Julieanne! He is beautiful!!

Smoov  – (2/06/2006 6:26 AM)  

My what a big baby you have! He's a keeper, enjoy!

Stacy  – (2/06/2006 8:09 AM)  

Congratulations! He's just gorgeous! :)

tab  – (2/08/2006 7:32 AM)  

Congrats! Enjoy this special time!
(in case you're wondering who I am, I believe that we used to be on a message board on aol together years ago)

Anonymous –   – (2/10/2006 8:47 AM)  

I also was referred here. I just can't come without Paul Jonathan is absolutely beautiful. I love his chubby leg rolls. I bet he'll nurse like a champ. My boy was three pounds smaller than yours and I thought HE was big. lol Enjoy this wonderful time. God bless you and yours.

Sorka  – (2/10/2006 2:51 PM)  

Wow,, you beat mine at 11 pounds!!

Kate  – (3/22/2006 6:19 AM)  

Amazing and beautiful pictures! 13 pounds - AWESOME! He's so kissable with the cheeks and rolls! Love it!
A little late (since I am reading this post on March 22) but CONGRATS to you and your sweet family. :)

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