There really is a blue sky!!!!

Okay - this post is for my benefit. Everybody knows that the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for rain. Well, it has most definitely rained - 35 out of the last 36 days - pretty close to Noah-size in length of time. There have been lots of mudslides, flooding, etc. Yesterday, as I was sitting at the computer, I looked outside the window and saw something blue in the sky. I had to take a picture to document it. I quickly yelled at the boys to GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY even though we could have been doing schoolwork. This day was too good to be true and we were going to take advantage of it.

Sure enough, today it is back to dismal grey and rain. I need to have this picture to remind me there is something above those clouds and it is blue! Now if I can only find something as convincing to tell me that this baby will decide to be born! 40 wks 3 days but who is counting?!

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