Scarf and more

On to knitting - just started this Irish Hiking Scarf

I'm using Lamb's Pride worsted in the Roasted Coffee colorway. It's an easy knit while watching television. With this yarn, it's pretty easy to knit cables without cable needles.

Birthing Tub -
I just got a new flash for my Canon 20D. The area where I plan on birthing is so dark that the edges of photos are almost always dark. I took this picture when the room was completely dark with the new flash and it came out this nicely.

I'm just over 39 wks pregnant, so things are getting down to the nitty gritty. I've never had a water birth before - still not sure I will deliver there, but the idea of laboring in water sounds great to me!

shizzknits  – (1/14/2006 8:18 AM)  

Nice scarf, I like the color a lot. How does the LP worsted knit? I see it all the time but have never picked any up.

BTW I had a home/waterbirth with my now-1 yr old DS and it was WONDERFUL. The water really helps with alleviating the pain and you relax so much more. The only thing I'd wished is that I'd done it with my first DS! :)

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