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Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

My 14-yr old son and I made cinnamon rolls together tonight. He loves good food and likes to spend time with me in the kitchen when we are working together on something yummy. I find that when we are working together on something, we have deeper conversations. I need to make a mental note to plan more events like this to strengthen our relationship.

Erica  – (2/07/2005 8:40 AM)  

Oh man I love cinnamon rolls... thos look so good! Just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging comment you left of my blog! Have a great day!

Be blessed, be a blessing,

Mel  – (2/08/2005 10:58 AM)  

Yum, yum, yum! (I miss you!)

Maggie Ann  – (2/08/2005 1:01 PM)  

I remember when our son made "sticky buns" years ago, you brought back pleasant memories with this post. He is 31 now and short-cuts with the "break-and bake" kind.:-)

of troy –   – (3/06/2005 4:19 PM)  

my mother, not the best, by far, as a mother, was a great baker.

the smell of hot yeasty cinnamon buns is one the pleasures i remember from my childhood.

--i baked too, and my son, now in his 30's, and with his family, bakes too.. so warm cinnamon is tie that binds another wise disjointed family.
(i came from KR to look at your sock problem, and stayed..)

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