New eBay Auctions for Tsunami Relief are Lilsted

I just listed the auctions on eBay for the two Tsunami Relief pillowcases I made. You can scroll down to see the pictures. Please help spread the word. The last auction closed at $31. Money goes far in those countries. I'd be thrilled to see that amount doubled!

Tropical Fish Pillowcase

Here's another pillowcase - this one of tropical fish among coral reefs. The fabric on the edge is gorgeous blue batik made in Indonesia - one of the countries most devastated by the Tsunami.

The fabric in this one is much different than I had planned on using. However, when I was searching in the fabric store for something that reminded me of what I imagined the ocean waters to be like, I noticed the words "Made in Indonesia" on the batiks. It made sense to make a batik pillowcase. The colors are glorious!

Maggie Ann  – (2/08/2005 1:04 PM)  

Your pillowcases are beautiful. What a great cause you are contributing too. Do you make your own sheetsets for home also? Just wondering.

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