My Wonderful Mother's Day

I was going to post a whole bunch of pictures of my Mother's Day, but thought this slide show summed it up better. It was such a gorgeous day and having my whole family together was the best gift of all.

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Carol  – (5/11/2009 11:11 PM)  

This is wonderful! Great photos and great music! Glad you had a great day!


irina  – (5/11/2009 11:24 PM)  

WOW!Beautiful photos and a lovely family...I'm happy that you spend a great day...


Kristine  – (5/12/2009 7:59 AM)  

Beautiful!! What a wonderful thing to do on Mother's day.

Michelle  – (5/13/2009 7:42 AM)  

Your family is just beautiful. Life is really about the moments we get to spend and create memories with our loved ones...

Happy Mother's Day! ...a little late...

your sister, Robyne –   – (5/18/2009 8:35 AM)  

Sister, sorry I did not call you on Mothers Day! I am sure having all 7 of your children together made it the best day ever!! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing! Love the song, it made me cry! Love James Taylor!

Tina  – (5/31/2009 8:56 AM)  

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! The pictures are so nice. They remind me of my trip up there.

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