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We went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) today and had a blast. Last summer, I bought a family membership to AC Gilbert's Discovery Village which is about an hour's drive from home. OMSI is only 30 minutes from home. You may ask why we purchased the Discovery Village membership when OMSI is closer. Okay, you might not ask, but I'll tell you why.

The basic cost for family membership at OMSI is $135. The cost for a family membership at AC Gilbert is only $65. These memberships last a year and are reciprocal. Which means that I can use my AC Gilbert membership card and walk in to OMSI for FREE. And AC Gilbert membership is less than half the price! If we walked into OMSI today and paid full price, it would have been $58 . . . . just for ONE visit. This, folks, is a no-brainer!

So, if you have children's museums, zoos, etc, around your area, before plunking down the $$ for membership for the attraction closest to your house, why not check and see if there are any other places just a bit further that have a reciprocal program and might be less expensive.

Brianne  – (5/21/2008 8:00 AM)  

You are just too smart! ;)
I don't know what programs locally have reciprocal memberships, but now that we'll be staying home (ha!) for school next year, I'll DEFINITELY take your advice!

Tina  – (5/21/2008 7:21 PM)  

Your kids are so fortunate to have you taking them so many great places.

I think maybe you should make "Frugal Queen" part of your signature somewhere.....

Wisconsin Mommy  – (6/04/2008 6:04 PM)  

That is a brilliant idea...thank you!

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