We now have six children at home. Our eldest moved out. She says she needed to stretch her wings and experience the real world. Evidently, this was in the works for many months, but we found out only a couple short weeks before she moved out. Even her friends did not have a clue until everything was all set in place. Looking back, she has always been like this. Whenever we would go for family hikes, she would go way ahead of us - sometimes so far that we couldn't see her. We would tell her to stick with us and she would for a while, but then would venture off again. This has been the pattern of her life. We should have known. Fly free, Hannah-bird, I hope you land on solid ground. We love you!

Carol  – (1/18/2008 10:24 PM)  

I'll turn to you next summer when all mine leave at once. I can only imagine that it's happy and sad at the same time.


Anonymous –   – (1/20/2008 10:53 AM)  

I was just going to email you.. Your post was "peaceful"? Have you made it? I think of you guys always! Wendy

Smoov  – (1/29/2008 9:54 AM)  

It sounds like things are going okay. You sound positive! I've wanted to ask about Hannah, I'm glad you posted this. :)

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