Getting in Shape

Dealing with chronic pain is not fun, so I've been researching stretching exercises to help build core strength, in addition to deep tissue massage.  Finally, I am at a point where I can start exercising again.  Here are a couple of  programs I've been doing: 

I began this program a couple years ago and didn't complete it, but did have fantastic results.  I started out by only being able to do 6 modified push-ups.  Gradually, I got to the point where I could do 35.  Now I've started again and hope to complete the program.  Into Week 3, I am able to do over 100 pushups broken up in to 5 sets.  It's amazing how good my upper body feels after doing pushups.  Doing pushups also helps with core strengthening.  If you've never done push-ups before, give it a try.  If I can do it, anyone can.  

The next program is not high impact - but a slow way to get into an exercise routine which is just what I need.  ACE's Kick-Start Workout.  I didn't want to go straight into my old exercise routine which is a lot of cardio, but build up to that level and that is just what this does.  

If nothing else, I am being proactive in getting my body in better shape and hopefully strengthening my core will help with the chronic pain issues.

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