New Sewing Website

I've been a member of for knitters for quite a while and love the clean look and simple interface of the site and wondered why there was nothing of that quality for sewists. It looks like there is:

Right now it is in the baby stages, but so far there are over 800 members. The owners are really paying attention to the members and implementing their suggestions. This may be the site I've been dreaming of.

Go take a look:

Sheila  – (4/21/2010 4:57 AM)  

Thanks for the link and will check it again once its up and running. Thanks for the lovely compliment on my dress.

Mad Quilter  – (4/21/2010 8:14 AM)  

It does look exciting. Thank you for adding me as a friend. Nice to meet another mum of 7 :D

Brandie  – (4/23/2010 8:35 PM)  

That's exciting and my husband would like to thank you in advance for giving me another website I will just have to check far too often LOL! =)

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