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I'm still here. I've been sewing a lot lately. I just finished this pants top/sports bra workout outfit. I love it. I had to tweak everything a little bit. You can read my reviews on the Pattern Review side bar. The pants are Kwik Sew 3115. I LOVE them. The top and sports bra are from Kwik Sew 3660. I will never buy a store-bought sports bra again. It only takes 1/2 yard. Not only can I wear them for exercising, but I can wear it in place of a camisole under tops. That will be especially nice in the summer when you don't want to be wearing 2 layers. It's so nice to have patterns tweaked out to fit. I still shake my head that I have to add SEVEN, yes, SEVEN inches to the inseam of all the pants I sew. Wow!

Anonymous –   – (1/31/2010 11:11 PM)  

awesome! I'm so jealous, I still can't figure out patterns and I would love to make my own running clothes and bras, having an ample chest I find I"m very limited in what I can wear....

nice work!!

Anonymous –   – (2/01/2010 6:16 PM)  

Awesome! You are so talented. You picked lovely colors too.

Aminat  – (2/04/2010 8:00 PM)  

Thanks for your comment on my skirt... The 1" wedge is due to my bum, I have high hip..for example my waist is 34" and my hip (8" from my waist to my hip) is 44.5" so I usually do the 1" wedge so that the skirt hem will not jump in the back.. also the 0.5" in the front is to balance out the wegde in the back. I put the wedge at about 8" from my waist in the back and fold out 0.5" at about the same length in the front. I can send you some pictures of how I made the wedge if you send me your email...Hope this helps..Let me know if you have any other question.... You can check my blog , I will put a link to one of the pants I made....Take care

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