I received a priceless gift from my daughters this year. My eldest daughter asked a friend to do a photo shoot of she and her sister. I love my sweet girls!! They are 8 years apart, but they sure love each other and had a great time together making this gift for me. I am so happy with these pictures. Birdie is 23 and Pearly is 15.

Aminat  – (12/26/2009 10:05 PM)  

Your girls are stunning...what a lovely holiday gift you got. Happy holidays

Anonymous –   – (12/30/2009 8:14 PM)  

These r awesome pics! U r truly blessed! I can't even pick a fave one! Happy New Year!

Kel  – (12/31/2009 2:26 AM)  

gorgeous girls and photos! I got your message on my blog :) I am sooo overwhelmed with life at the moment, even thinking about blogging makes me exhausted, haha. I don't know how you do it with 6 kids, I'm tapping out at 4. Things are going well and Griffen (our new little guy) is soooo sweet. He was 9 weeks old yesterday. The other thing is that I am moving my blog to our actual Global Nomads website. I am hoping to do it this week. It's a less time consuming load up for photos and such which will help. I'll post the new site page on my blogger blog soon! :) Also, are you on facebook?

Tina  – (1/07/2010 8:54 AM)  

What a great gift. Your girls look beautiful and sweet. I like the variety in the pictures too.

Sheila  – (1/09/2010 2:58 PM)  

What an awesome gift of your beautiful daughters. Every photo is picture perfect.

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