Little Ones

Today was a different kind of day. It was standardized testing day for my three oldest homeschooled children. However, Pearly and I forgot that she had agreed to babysit 2 other children and so I decided to watch the children instead. So at our house today, we had an extra 3-yr old (curly redhead you see here) and her brother who is about 14 months old.

It was a special treat to take them to take them for a walk where we smelled the roses, saw the horses, played on the swingset and hung out in the backyard.

Don't you think this little redhead girl could be my child? I think so and tell her parents all the time. Her parents and I have been talking about an "arranged" marriage so that we can keep the redhead genes going. These two are only a couple weeks apart in age. She is Miss I-Can-Do-It-By-Myself and very intellectual. Caboose is Mr. Laid-Back-Whatever-You- Say Boy. Could be an interesting combination.

Unfortunately, the horses did not want to come up to the fence today, but we had a nice walk anyway. I love the back of children's heads. My dh used to ask me why I would take such a picture because he wanted to see faces. I like pictures like this because it forces you to look at the little things, their posture, hand gestures, just the simple cuteness of little ones. I love this. Look at Bunny on the far right - I highly doubt he will stand like that at age 13. That is 6-yr old posture - 6-yr old cuteness!

Tina  – (6/17/2009 9:24 AM)  

Sweet pictures...made sweeter by your observations :)

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