Go Mustangs!

It's volleyball season for Pearly. She is a starter and thrilled about that. Her 6'2" height definitely has given her an advantage in this sport. I'm glad for her because it's hard to be extremely tall and in volleyball, being tall is an asset. Thankfully, she only has eyes for volleyball and seems to be taking the height in stride. We're looking forward to a great season. We love this team with great coaches. This is primarily a homeschool team and they compete with private schools up to 3-1/2 hours away.

Tina  – (1/25/2009 8:42 AM)  

What a beautiful girl...:)

I'm glad she has a sport that is working out well for her, and that you are so supportive. (It can't be easy to do that kind of traveling to far away games.)

Carol  – (1/26/2009 12:48 AM)  

You've been tagged! :-)

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