Beach Trip

We went to Rockaway Beach, Oregon for the day on Sunday. It was a gorgeous day. Grandma and Grandpa tagged along with their dog.
Bunny got his pants so wet, they were falling off his skinny waist. He kept holding the back of his pants up!

Orange boy requested this action shot.

All of the kids couldn't get enough of these tide pools. This is every boy's dream - to be able to stomp in every puddle.

Pearly Girl

Grandma holding her baby - oops, dog, Priscilla, in a baby carrier.

Grandpa throwing frisbee.

Tall Dude swinging around the Caboose. (Tall Dude had a bike accident last week which resulted in a fractured wrist.)
Papa and his 4 youngest boys.
Brown eyes

kelly jo  – (9/16/2008 5:59 PM)  

Those shots are absolutely amazing! They are all so candid, yet so perfect! I love the second one. Beautiful!

Tina  – (9/17/2008 6:13 AM)  

Great pictures! The colors look amazing. (Love all that red.)

Ames Family  – (9/19/2008 11:06 AM)  

What great photos of the family fun at the beach!
Look for updates on our blog this weekend!

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