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A couple months ago, I ordered this collage from (sorry about the glare and poor lighting - the quality IRL is superb). I love it. Unbeknownst to any of us at the time, this would be our last family photo shoot with all the kids still at home. The pictures turned out great and I wanted a way to showcase them.

It was very easy to drop and drag the pictures. You decide what size collage you want and if you want the collage done horizontally or vertically and they do the rest . I kind of wish it were possible to manually move the pictures around to change the order, but overall, this is a great way to make a quick collage for not much $$. This one cost $14.99 at A couple days later, I found that will make the same collage for only $9.99 - gotta love Costco. There are color options for the background and you can add titles as well. I made a collage for my parent's dog, Casey (the dog I referred to earlier last month) and they both were in tears when they saw it. This is a great gift idea with very little time/effort - perfect for busy moms.

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