We're still busy harvesting the last of our garden produce and fruit. Last week we processed grapes. We got a few gallons of grape juice (pictured). We have 3 colors of grapes - white, pink, and Concord. I don't know if the white and pink are varieties of Concord or not (must make mental note to look that up). For the first time this year, we made grape jelly - actually 19-yr old made it. It was out of this world. Next year, we will focus our efforts on making jelly! It's very easy to make using our juicer.

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Grape Juice

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Grape Jelly

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Sampling of white grapes

Here's the crazy thing - our grape vines decided to grow waaay high vertical - over 2 stories high in the trees next to our property line.

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You can see my daughter standing on the roof of our trailer getting what she could. The grapes actually traveled a good 15 feet taller than that.

There were quite a few grapes that we couldn't reach. You can see the bowl/bucket of grapes on the ground (only a small fraction of harvested grapes) and our neighbors trees. The grapes grew nearly to the top of the tree in the middle of the picture.

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Next year we will have to try to direct the grapevines to grow horizontally!

Jodi  – (10/16/2006 9:39 AM)  

Wow!! That's alot of grapes! Homemade grape jelly, eh?

Pretty Lady  – (10/16/2006 9:57 AM)  

Great pictures! I have on my garden Thompson grapes, this was their second year, it grew alot but the fruit didn't develop yet, hopefully next year I will be preserving it and making a jelly. I am glad you are busy with them this year.

Roberta  – (10/29/2006 12:14 AM)  

My husband grows grapes, it's his "delight directed interest" so to speak. Are you familiar with Lon Rombaugh? He wrote The Grape Grower and is actually in Aurora, Or. It is absolutely amazing the # of grapes and their different uses.
Enjoy your bounty. :)

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