We're all wrapped around his little finger

I've done this mom "thing" for a while now. My babies have all thrived on routines and this baby is no different. We have a problem, however. With 2 recent camping trips, little PJ has gotten out of his routine. Of course we couldn't let him crawl around in the dirt while camping, so he was held a good bit of the time. Now that we are back at home, he thinks that he should be held all the time. He also thinks that the only way he can sleep is in someone's lap or sucking mama's breast. I actually don't mind it so much except that he seems to be such a fussy baby now. Before, when we had the routine, he would be content to play on the floor for a while, content to be in his exersaucer. Now, if he's not in someone's arms, he is usually fussy. After a few minutes of fussing, 8-yr old brother came to the rescue. He looks pretty happy now, huh?

8-yr old just put him in his crib and now he's crying again ::::sigh::::

shizzknits  – (8/17/2006 6:19 PM)  

Awwww sweet. You have the loveliest kids.

Jodi  – (8/18/2006 1:29 PM)  

Awwww... what a cute pic!

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