Happy Birthday to me! I turned 41 on yesterday. Here's my daughter working on fresh boysenberry pie for my birthday dessert! It was delicious.

"Must you?"

My 15-yr old son, made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy for dinner. It was such a wonderful dinner.

The kid responsible for my wonderful fried chicken dinner.

Here was my big present - no, not the echinacea, the camera that took the picture of the echinacea! It's a Canon D20 - it ROCKS!! I'm thrilled with it. No more wasting film for me.

But I have to admit, the gift that touched my heart the most was a card from my 15-yr old son. Here's what the card read inside:

Dear Mommie:
I hope you had a great birthday. It was a great compliment when you asked me to make fried chicken. I'm glad I was able to help make your birthday dinner a good one. My gift to you is Spitz Sunflower seeds. Whenever you want some sunflower seeds, just ask me and I'll get them. I'll buy 10 bags of them total. Keep this card and put a check for each bag I buy you. Thanks for being a great Mom. Love, J

Some restrictions apply. See supplier for details. Valid coupons only!

Mel  – (7/23/2005 9:49 PM)  

Happy Birthday to you! Sounds like a perfect birthday!

DH to Stitch in Time –   – (9/22/2005 5:18 PM)  

You're growing younger and sweeter with each passing year. Thank you for being my precious wife, lover and MOMK (mother of my kids)!

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