Wow - it's been a while. I think things are finally settling down around here. A few wks ago my whole family got the stomach bug. My 2 little guys were vomitting for almost a week. I am rarely sick, but felt awful. Then it dawned on me . . . . could I be preg*&@#$?

Yup - Pregnant! My dh was away on business and I didn't want to tell him over the phone, so I put this Altoid box in his pillow when he returned. Of course he noticed the box right away, but thought one of the kids were playing a joke on him and started to put it on his dresser. I told him to open it up - maybe there was a note or something. He opened and found the pregnancy test. He was thrilled with the news.

Jenni  – (6/13/2005 1:16 PM)  

Congrats!!! Me, too!!! I'm due in December!

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